20-Panel Baby Playpen Play Center w/Music Box & Basketball Hoop


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Still worried about being unable to take care of your baby while doing housework? Want to give your child a spacious playing space?
We prepared this children’s playpen for you to solve your troubles. Made from safe and durable HDPE and PP materials, our playpens will not harm your baby’s health. A safety lock on the door prevents the baby from fleeing. Once assembled, all panels are difficult to move and tip over, providing a very safe gaming area for your child. The toys on the toy panel are not only interesting but also educational, making them ideal for baby learning and exploration. The music box can play music to quickly attract the attention of the child, and the basketball hoop allows the child to practice shooting.

Safe and durable HDPE materials will not harm your baby’s health.
Non-slip flat buckle at the bottom of the panel is difficult to tip over and move
Safety lock prevents the baby from running out of the fence
Combine 20 panels into a variety of shapes as needed
Provide enough space for the baby to climb or walk
Music box is easy to install and can quickly attract your baby
Basketball hoop for kids to practice shooting
Provide enough space for your baby
ASTM certification guarantees quality and safety

Color: Green, Gray
Material: HDPE, PP
Product Size: 94.5’’ x 80.5’’ x 24.5’’ (L x W x H)
Small Fence Size: 16.5” x 25’’
Gate Fence Size: 32” x 25”
Game Fence Size: 32” x 25”
Product Weight: 36lbs
Thickness: 1.5’’
Activity Board: Music box, Turntable
Applicable Age: 6-36 Months
Package includes:
18 x Small Fence
1 x Door Fence
1 x Game Fence
1 x Instruction

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